Welcome to my blog! I'm Zoe.

Most of my Aussie friends can't pronounce my Chinese name. Some call me Sue. Some call me Zoe. Hence, for my blog, I like to call myself Zoe.

I love to bake... for my family and friends. We all can be happy kids and it is essential to eat well and be happy.

I've been blogging since August 2010 and hope to learn lots of cooking and baking skills from blogging. Please feel free to comment and I am happy to share my thoughts and any interesting recipes that I have come across…

I was born and raised in Singapore and have been living in Melbourne, Australia in the past decade, so naturally, my food culture has been a mix of both countries. At this point, I begin to recall back my past and would see how my interest in cooking and baking develop…

Since young, I never have to cook and wouldn't cook. Then again, being educated in Catholic schools, I’m always interested in baking but always a failure in my home-economic classes. My chocolate cakes are always flat, burnt and rubbery. I laughed when I remembered that my cookies bounced when they accidentally fell from tabletop. Even today, my best school friend and I still laughed at these bloopers whenever we talked about our school life.

Welcome to my kitchen...
It was my life changing moment from the day that I came to live in Melbourne. I started cooking initially to minimize the cost of living, and it progresses slowly to an interest. I also realize that we are responsible for the food that we put into our mouth and can see the advantage of DIY foods.

Now, as a mum, giving my family the best nutrition is always my priority. At the same time, I wish to explore my cooking with a little of fun and art. I always remember my very first fun baking project which was my child's one year old birthday cake. They were the Elmo and Cookie monster cupcakes and I was proud of my achievement as an amateur baker. What motivate me further was the scene of my child and his teething friends as they were chomping the cake. I can feel the happiness in these kids and it has been a very special moment for me.
Love baking with my KitchenAid

I am very happy that I've learned and improved a lot for my baking from my past years of food blogging. Before blogging, I wasn't confident enough to bake a loaf of bread. Today, I'm exploring as many various recipes as I can.

I was lucky too to meet many great friends through blogging like Joyce from Kitchen Flavours and Lena from Frozen wings. Joyce, Lena and I started baking a lot together with our bake-along since May 2011. All my bake-along experiences with them have been really fruitful and priceless for me and I have learned heaps of knowledge from Joyce and Lena and also other food bloggers.

So what’s next? I hope to explore more cooking and baking skills with this blog and hope to learn and improve as I blog further. 

Happy Baking.

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Disclosure statement (Updated on Jan 2018):

Bake for Happy Kids is a personal website written by me, Zoe Liu. It contains my story, joy, laughter, fun, photos and recipes that I have cooked and baked in my life. Everything that I wrote in this blog is purely my personal opinions.

Until this date, I have NOT been paid or compensated with cash or in any other forms of money and I DO NOT promote any products in my blog.

I have been featured on:

Singapore Mediacorp TV channel 8 cooking show, Touch-Screen Cuisine episode 7 on 18 May 2016.